Made in collaboration with Zamir Rosli from Heavy Metal Pomp, Death's Chariot is a true heavy hold oil based pomade with a hint of zeolite for added volume and lift. Don't expect this to wash out in one go. 


"Because I could not stop for Death, he kindly stopped for me". 

A poem written by Emily Dickinson and posthumously published in 1890, is the inspiration behind our 2020 Halloween special edition pomade. In the poem, Emily meets Death personified, where she's taken on a journey to her grave in a chariot. 


Our modern twist takes elements of this poem, but rather a wild ride in Death's Chariot. The heavy hold will keep your pomp in place as you roar through the streets with heavy metal blaring from the chariot, on your way to your final destination. Hop in for a ride, if you dare.


Label art hand drawn by Zamir himself.



Butterscotch: Sweet warm caramel and vanilla notes (please, resist trying to eat it).

Apple & Cinnamon: Rich fragrant notes of arguably the best dessert ever made straight from the oven (again please, don't eat it). 



Microcrystalline wax, petrolatum, candelilla wax, zeolite, fragrance and mica.

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